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Sensory & Taste Events in Las Vegas - San Francisco - Los Angeles

Emotions by the perceptions of the speaker Véronique Anastasie

from 'the Sensory to the Taste'

 ​'Sense... sational Dinner' France

The game : enigmas on each dishes and emotions on 'each plate of taste' for the Group of 25 to 35 persons.

'Sense... sational' * Sensory Dinner

with Alain Alpe Restaurant Guy Savoy

'The 5 Senses on French gastronomy' 
The Guests feel emotions all together, discovering by a seasonal Menu their 5 senses, through an educative meal around French Dishes. Enigmas & learning how to taste by the sight, the touch, the ear, and the smell. For each person at table, a special service and a great experience. The Guest never forget the exceptional flavours created by the chef and all the team of Guy Savoy. Transmission with passion and professionalism with this uncredible Dinner, to live how we eat in France, as the Unesco certification.


Sensory pleasures, fabulous Dinner !

 ​'The 5 Senses & Chocolate' Madagascar

The game : enigmas on sweets and emotions on 'the wall of taste' for the Group of 25 to 60 persons.

 Chocolate Animation * Sensory Event

with a Chocolate maker Artisan

'The 5 Senses & Chocolate' Madagascar
The Guests enjoy to feel emotions together, discovering by blind tastings their 5 senses, through an educative meal around chocolate, learning how to taste all the flavours from the origin of cocoas's World, to the Grand Cru. For all the Group, a great experience to developpe your talents by the 5 senses, your brain & memory will never forget these uncredible moments!


Enjoy, amazing tastings!

 'ChocoShow Cooking' Peru

The demonstration : an event on emotions transmission & education from the sensory to the taste. 

The show just in front of a tribune for professional public, on Live for 250/500 persons.

 Cocoas & Chocolate Show *Taste Event

with GLevents SIRHA

'ChocoShow Cooking' Peru

Seasonal, fresh and organic products.

8 chefs in 8 kitchens, on 250 M2 cooking, a presentation,as a real SHOW with big screens,TV, 

a famous jury of MO, experts to taste, and evaluate the professional Chefs from different passion :

Pastry, Chocolate maker, Cook chef or Catering.

They create their own dishes 'design & gastronomic' food, with the same basket of products,

and Cocoas & Chocolates! Explications given by the jury, on the varieties of products, the creativity, the pairing, the presentation, the technical culinary,

 appreciate by the quality of each dishes..


Professional comments, with pleasures of taste!

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