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Véronique Anastasie

CEO & Founder

For sustainable FOOD on the PLANET with education by taste - PLANETGOUT promote the preservation of  natural varieties and good food for healthy nutrition on earth.To know always what you eat, we make a selection of  chef, working with true food, no GMO, fresh in the season & organic food,coming from origines & terroirs, clearly identified....for your best pleasure to taste.

Knowledge of the Food sciences 

Gastrology, Nutrition & Gastronomy


for all food products  (Knowledge on 200 quality french products)           

 * EXPERT in Sensory & Taste -  Professional in Analysis & Tastings    

for any selection, from the earth, the sea to the recipes.                             

       > Promotion, development for compagny by BtoB events for Pastry - Chocolate maker  

         Cooking by Catering or in Restaurant - Food tranformation - materials production  

Tourism for foodies for group during Convention & exhibits.      

*15 professional years of experiments, transmission by the 5 senses awake!

 International References - to present us : MEDIAS > Pressbook  - EVENTS > Moovies


inner events for a group : Usa 'Guy Savoy' Restaurant Las Vegas - Paris

   Food exhibits for a show event : Animation partner Glevents Sirha *Promosalons

  Festival events for a country : Brazil, Ecuador, Madagascar, Peru,Venezuela, Afrique - France

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